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Our individual experience has enabled us to develop a rich international practice to the benefit of each of our clients.

We’ve developed a partnership with Gosselin Law office in Boston, Massachusetts enabling us to specialize in Franco-American legal issues. Whether it is the establishment of a company in France or in the United States, a question of family issues, or real estate we are able to help and provide the most adaptable solution considered by our two offices. For more information, consult the websites and

We have more than ten years of experience with Italian businesses. We assist them in becoming established in France and represent them in French and European courts. We are members of the Franco-Italian Chamber of Commerce in Paris, along with various institutions set up to aid Italian companies in France. The majority of the attorneys in our firm speak Italian. We maintain close links with lawyers in Milan, Bologna, and Treviso.

We are proud members of Interlegal, a network of international lawyers. This network was created in 1987 and is the largest world-wide network of independent business attorneys. Because of our association, we work with colleagues in more than thirty countries in Europe, Asia, North America, South America, and Oceania. Interlegal makes it possible to provide our customers with rapid access to international legal departments of high quality. For more information, consult the website :

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